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The terms of use that apply for our website http://www.aligncouriers.co.uk are listed on this page, and apply for all visitors, be they guests or registered users. We kindly ask you to read them carefully before you proceed to use our website in any way. By using this website, you indicate that you have fully understood, accepted and agreed to follow the terms of use. In case you DO NOT agree with said terms of use, then please cease to use this website.


Carrier" means Align Couriers Ltd, unless the context requires otherwise, include any sub-contractor appointed by the Carrier pursuant.

"Customer" means the person or company who contracts for the services of the Carrier, including any other carrier who gives a Consignment to the Carrier for carriage.

"Contract" means the contract of carriage between the Customer and the Carrier, which shall be made subject to these Terms and Conditions.

"Consignee" means the person or company to whom the Carrier contracts to deliver the Consignment.

"Consignment" means goods in bulk or contained in one parcel, package, container or envelope, as the case may be, or any separate number of parcels, packages, containers or envelopes sent at one time in one load by or for the Customer from one address to one address. For the avoidance of doubt, the expression "goods" shall include papers and documents other than those expressly excluded in these Terms and Conditions.

"Dangerous Goods" means dangerous substances as defined in the Road Traffic (Carriage of Dangerous Substances in Packages etc.) Regulations 1992 (and any amendment or replacement thereof), explosives, radioactive substances and any other substance presenting a similar hazard.


Every Customer entering in to a Contract shall be deemed to be either the owner or the duly authorised agent of the owner of every consignment and every constituent part thereof to which the Contract relates as regards the making of the Contract the acceptance of these Conditions and all matters of every nature arising there out and shall also be deemed to be authorised to accept these conditions on behalf of all other persons who are or may thereafter become interested in the subject matter of the Contract.

The Carrier reserves the right at its absolute discretion to fulfil any Contract either in whole or in part by its own servants, subcontractors or agents or by employing or instructing or entrusting the fulfilling thereof either in whole or in part to others.

The Carrier makes the Contract on his own behalf and as agent for any other person who is entitled to fulfil the Contract any such person shall be entitled to the benefit of the Contract and shall be under no liability whatsoever to the Customer or anyone claiming through or under him in respect of the subject matter thereof otherwise than in accordance with these Conditions.

Dangerous Goods

Dangerous Goods must be disclosed by the Customer in advance and if the Carrier agrees to accept them for Carriage they must be classified, packed and labelled in accordance with the statutory regulations for the carriage by road of the substance(s) declared. Transport Emergency Cards ("Tremcards") or information in writing in the manner required by the relevant statutory provisions or by the relevant body authorised by statute to make regulations must be provided by the Customer in respect of each substance and must accompany the Consignment.

The Carrier shall be under no liability whatsoever to the Customer and the Customer shall indemnify and hold harmless the Carrier for any damage, however caused, if the Carrier is instructed to load or unload any goods requiring special equipment if such equipment has not been provided or procured by the Customer.

Unless the Carrier has agreed in writing to the contrary with the Customer: 

5.1 The Carrier shall not be under any obligation to provide any plant, power or labour required for loading or unloading the Consignment, other than that carried by the vehicle used by the Carrier; 

5.2 The Customer warrants that any special equipment required for loading or unloading the Consignment that is not carried by the Carrier's vehicle will be provided or procured by the Customer; 


Subject to these conditions the Carrier shall be liable to the Customer for any loss, non-delivery or mis-delivery of any Consignment or any part thereof or damage thereto if it is proved that this was caused by the neglect or default of the Carrier.


Transit shall be deemed to commence when the consignments handed to the Carrier whether at the point of collection by the Carrier or at the Carrier's premises.

Transit shall (unless otherwise previously determined) and when the consignment is tendered at the usual place of delivery at the Consignee's stated address within the customary cartage hours of the district provided that:-

8.1 If on safe and adequate access or no adequate unloading facilities there exist then transit shall be deemed to end at the expiry of one clear day after notice in writing (or by telephone if so previously agreed in writing) of the arrival of the consignment at the Carrier's premises has been sent to the consignee. 

8.2 When for any other reasons whatsoever a consignment cannot be delivered or when a consignment is held by the Carrier "to await order" or "to be kept until called for" or upon any like instructions then the transit shall be deemed to end when instructions are fulfilled or at the expiry of seven days from the date on which the consignment was first delivered to the Carrier (which ever shall first occur). 

8.3 When transit has ended the Carrier shall be entitled to store the goods at the sole risk of the customer and shall not be liable for any loss of or damage to the consignment unless is proved that such loss or damage was caused by the wilful misconduct of the Carrier. In addition the carrier shall be entitled to recover reasonable storage charges from the Customer. 

8.4 Subject to express instructions given by the Customer the Carrier reserves to itself absolute discretion as to the means, route and procedure for any transit and in the handling, storage and transportation of any consignment. Further if in the reasonable opinion of the Carrier it is at any stage necessary or desirable in the Customer's interests to depart from express instructions the Carrier shall be at liberty to do so. 

8.5 The Carrier retains the right of refusal for any package or consignment it deems to be too large or too heavy to be carried by the vehicle contracted to the Customer to carry out that contract. 

8.6 The Carrier will cover all items with blankets to protect during transit. This is a standard protection for all items carried. Any items collected that are of a fragile or delicate nature will need to be securely wrapped prior to collection. This will need to be arranged between then the seller and the buyer of said item(s). We can secure wrap items if required and if pre-arranged but this will come at an extra cost to your original booked service. Any items that have not been secure wrapped will be blanket wrap and delivered in the same condition. We cannot be held liable for damage to fragile and delicate items that have not been securely wrapped.

Any items that have been collected pre-wrapped cannot be checked by the Carrier for any type of damage prior to loading. The Carrier will complete the ‘Condition Check Sheet’ to state that the item was pre wrapped so therefore cannot be held liable for any damage upon arrival.

8.7 All items due to be collected must be able to exit the building freely. Items that need to be dismantled, must be done prior to the Carriers arrival unless a dismantling service has been booked. The Carrier reserves the right to refuse removal of items if by doing so will cause damage to the property. Adequate measurements must be made to ensure items can be removed freely.

Items due to be delivered to a property must also be able to enter without damage. Any items collected dismantled will be delivered dismantled unless a re-assembling service has been booked. Any items that do not fit into the property will not be the carrier’s responsibility and will not be able to return the item. An additional service can be booked to remove the item at a later date if the same day is unavailable.  

8.8 Please ensure you are happy with your purchase prior to the carrier collecting and delivering said items. Once item has arrived at the delivery address this will need to be unloaded and the delivery fee must be paid if not paid in advanced. We would not be able to return or store the items if you are unhappy with the condition or the item(s) is not what you expected. An additional service can be booked to recollect said items at a later date if the same day is not available. 

Payment and Fees

9. Depending on the service you have booked, we reserve the right to ask for a deposit to reserve the booking. If the customer needs to cancel their booking 48 hours before the date of their booked service a full refund can be provided, after that the deposit will be non-refundable.

9.1 Payment can be made in Cash or by Bank Transfer. Any payments being made by bank transfer must have cleared the bank prior to delivery to prevent any delays in you receiving booked items.

9.2 In some cases an extra charge may apply if a second person is required to assist with the loading and unloading of goods into the carriers van.

9.3 Any items due to be collected/delivered that are heavy and needs to carried up more than 2 flights of stairs will incur an additional charge.

9.4 If the carrier needs to drive through the congestion zones during operating times, please note that the associated cost may be added to your final bill.

Vehicle Transportation

10. Maximum curb weight of vehicle must not exceed 2,500kg, anything above this we will not be able to transport. Please ensure you have declared any modifications to your vehicle, which may increase the weight.

  10.1 Pictures will be taken of your vehicle once collected and loaded onto the trailer, we           will also complete a Conditions Report, which can be emailed to you upon request.

  10.2 Insurance cover is up to £100,000 - Any vehicles that are above this value must be declared so an uplift can then be arranged to ensure cover is in place. This will incur an increase to your quote, amount to be confirmed once agreed. Increase to cover insurance can be wavered by signing a disclaimer, details upon request.

10.3 Once a service has been booked, please note that a charge may occur for any change in address.   Please ensure you have the correct details prior to making a booking.

10.4 Depending on the journey booked, we reserve the right to ask for a deposit to hold your booking. If the customer needs to cancel their booking 48 hours before the date of their booked service a full refund can be provided, after that the deposit will be non-refundable. 

10.5 Please ensure any restrictions to access vehicle are declared prior to booking, this will help prevent any delay in collection / delivery.

10.6 Condition of vehicle must be declared at time of booking. Booked vehicles must be able to roll freely in order to be transported. No Flat Tyres, Suspension Damage, Lock Steering or Lost Keys. The Carrier reserves the right to refuse transporting of vehicle if accurate conditions are not declared. 

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