Frequently Asked Questions

If you are unable to find an answer to your query below, please give us a call on 0800 321 3527, complete our Contact Form or even Request a Call Back at a time that is convenient for you.

Our staff can then arrange a suitable date to visit your property and give you a full no obligation quote, FREE of charge. We may even be able to give you a quote for small removals over the phone or by email.

Commercial and Residential FAQs

How does Align Couriers calculate the removal fee?

We believe that every move is unique, so we do not have blanket fees for our services, whether it is a residential move or a commercial move, we base our price on the specific requirements of each customer. The factors that affect the price are:

  • The size of the vehicle that you require;

  • The size of team that you require;

  • Where you are moving to; and

  • If you have any specific requirements.
  • Do you charge more on weekends?

    No our weekend rates are the same as our week day rates, but we will charge extra on Bank Holidays, because we pay our removal teams overtime.

    What is included in the quotation?

    Every quotation is different as we tailor our services to meet your needs. Our services include (but are not limited to the following):

    • A Packing Service – We will come to your property the day before your move and assist you with packing, so that you are ready for your move the next day.

    • Full Removal Service - We will dismantle your items and remove items from walls/ceilings such as bookshelves, paintings and chandeliers.

    Do you work on Sundays?

    Yes we do, but we are only closed on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Day.

    Do you do evening removals?

    Yes we do.

    When do you start work?

    We start work at 6am.

    When I am ready to book, how much notice do I need to give?

    Please book your removal in with us as soon as you have confirmed a moving date. However, we recommend that you give us two weeks' notice, but we will do all that we can to accommodate your move.

    When do I need to pay?

    For all moves we require full payment at least 7 days beforehand.

    For all collections and deliveries, we require payment on the day of collection.

    We accept cash, BACS and card payments.

    Do you offer insurance?

    We do not offer insurance to our clients at present, but we have goods in transit insurance, which covers the cost of goods whilst in the van.

    Should I take out insurance?

    Your Align Couriers removal team will always take the best care of your possessions, but there is always the risk of damage to your furniture and fragile items when moving. So we always suggest to our clients that they have cover in place during the removal process.

    Do you move specialist and high value items such as pianos, fine art and antiques?

    Yes, we move specialist and high values items.

    Do you dump or recycle furniture?

    No, we do not dump or recycle furniture.

    When do you start work?

    We start work at 6am.

    Courier Services FAQs

    How do I safely package my parcel?


    • High quality packaging: consider strength, cushioning, and durability when choosing your packaging; polystyrene chips, polyethylene foam, bubble plastic, crumpled aircushions or shredded paper.

    • Corrugated cardboard: Choose boxes made of corrugated cardboard, with good quality outer liners. Use heavy-duty double-layered board for valuable items.

    • Strapping: Use strapping, when suitable, as a good way to seal and secure your box.

    • Strong tape: Use strong tape if a strapping machine is not available.

    • Triangular tubes: Use triangular tubes, not round tube-type cylinders, to pack rolled plans, maps and blueprints.

    • Jiffy bags: Remember always to pack small items in Jiffy Bags.

    • Use dividers: Always use cardboard dividers when sending flat, fragile material (such as vinyl records).

    • Remove labels: When re-using a box, remove all labels and stickers.


    • Badly packaged: Don't use substandard or damaged cartons. Ensure that the box is in good shape and not worn out.

    • Label as fragile instead of careful on packaging: Don't consider "Fragile" and "Handle with care" labels as a substitute for careful packaging. They are only appropriate for information purposes.

    • Don't allow items to move: Choose the appropriate size of packaging for the items you are sending. Under-filled boxes are likely to collapse; overloaded ones may burst.

    • Cloth or fabric bags: To ensure your items are adequately protected - don't use bags made of fabric or cloth.

    • Resend parcel without removing old labels: Don't reuse old packaging without removing all previous labels and stickers.

    • Illegal goods: Don't send dangerous or prohibited goods as you may be liable to prosecution.

    What items do you deliver?

    We are willing to deliver the following items, but you will be sending them at your own risk:

    • Items made of or containing glass

    • Ceramic or composite items of any description including without limitation glass, mirrored items, crystal, ceramics, porcelain, plaster, marble, china, stone, slate, resin, granite, concrete (or any item containing these materials)

    • Items which have been strapped together

    • TV's & Monitors

    • Liquid food items or items contained in glass or ceramics

    • Any foods solid or liquid contained in glass or ceramics

    • Frozen food

    • Chilled food

    • Perishable food

    • Furniture

    • All tickets including travel and events

    • Musical instrument hard cases and suitcases when used as external packaging

    • Musical instruments

    • Plants, seeds, flowers, and plant derivatives

    • Barrels

    • Vehicle parts

    What items don’t you deliver?

    We will not compensate you for loss, damage or late delivery of any of the items listed babe:

    • Magnetised Material

    • Misleading Endorsements

    • Oxidising Substances and Organic Peroxide

    • Pathogens

    • Poisonous (Toxic) and Infectious Substances

    • All Toxic Substances are prohibited

    • Pesticides

    • Pressurised Containers

    • Radioactive Materials

    • Sharp Instruments

    • Solvent-Based Paints and Inks

    • Infectious Substances

    • Water-Based Paints and Inks

    • Weapons and Replica Weapons

    • Human and animal remains including, without limitation, ashes

    • Jewellery with a value over £250

    • Marble or any stone derivative

    • Bankers' drafts

    • Current bank notes

    • Currency notes or coins

    • Credit cards / debit cards

    • Uncrossed postal orders which do not state to whom they are to be paid

    • Cheques or dividend warrants which are uncrossed and made payable to the bearer

    • Bearer securities including share warrants

    • Scripts or subscription certificates

    • Bonds or relative coupons un-franked postage or revenue stamps (except a revenue stamp embossed or impressed on an instrument which has been executed)

    • Coupons, Vouchers, Tokens, Stamps

    • Lottery tickets, scratch cards or similar
    • National insurance stamps

    • SIM cards

    • Watches over £250 or antique items

    • Tobacco and Tobacco products.
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